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Custodian Terms of Business

Custodian Terms of Business

Any Subscriptions we receive for investment into:

  • The Seneca EIS Portfolio Service
  • Seneca Evolution EIS
  • One of our Managed Storage EIS Funds
  • Seneca Vintage
  • Seneca Preference

are held by the Custodian of the Service, The Share Centre Ltd, in a dedicated pooled account until it is used for investment. This money is held in a ‘client account’, separate from the Custodian’s operational account. The Share Centre Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reference 146768) and is a member of the London Stock Exchange.

The Share Centre Ltd’s sister company Share Nominees Ltd act as Nominee for these Funds and Services.

We provide you with a copy of the Custodian’s Terms of Business inside our application forms. However, these will be updated from time to time. To access an up to date copy of the Custodian’s Terms of Business, please click here.