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Business Investment Relief

Business Investment Relief

We are occasionally asked if we can facilitate investment for someone looking to benefit from Business Investment Relief (“BIR”). Whilst we do not offer any investments that are primarily designed for that purpose, investors have occasionally funded an investment with offshore funds, hoping to benefit from BIR.

If you are looking to make such an investment, please note that:

  1. We are not holding out any of our investments as being suitable for that purpose;
  2.  We reserve the right to decline an investment being made for that purpose, as there are strict limits on the number we can accept; and
  3.  Where an investment uses a custody service, our Custodian charges higher and additional fees than you would normally experience when making an investment. These include:
    • A set-up fee of £200 for each account opened
    • An annual fee of £200 for each account opened
    • A dealing fee of 0.35% on each sale and purchase of shares
    • A fee of £50 per bank transfer to an overseas bank account
    • A one off fee of £100 per investor when dealing with the administration of their estate

Please also be aware that it may take our Custodian longer to complete their usual checks when opening an account or making payments to an overseas bank.

Please contact us if you are looking to make an investment with us that you are hoping will benefit from Business Investment Relief.