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Growth Capital VCT

Growth Capital VCT

Seneca Growth Capital VCT PLC

Under this offer, the Company is seeking to raise £10 million in “B” share class capital, with an over-allotment facility of a further £10m. The Offer is intended for investors looking to generate tax free capital growth from a portfolio of UK SMEs, in addition to regular and special tax free dividends.

The Offer opened on 9th May 2018 and has raised c. £5m to date.

The minimum initial investment is £3,000.

To access the VCT’s website, please click here.

Important Information

An investment in New “B” Shares in the Company should be made solely on the basis of information set out in the Prospectus. The information on this page does not form part of any sale, solicitation or any offer or invitation to buy or subscribe for securities in the Company.

Details of risks and other important investor information is contained in the prospectus relating to the offer without which investment decisions should not be made.

The investments we offer are high risk in nature and therefore not suitable for everyone; please see our Target Market

For further information about the risks involved and details about this service, please refer to the appropriate Key Information Document and the Prospectus

Key Information Document (where financial advice has been given)

Key Information Document (where no financial advice has been given)

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