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Seneca Private Equity

Seneca Private Equity

What is it?

Seneca Private Equity offers investors the opportunity to invest in individual private companies targeting a return of 2.5 to 3.5x after three to five years*.

How is the investment made?

The Fund Manager will offer investors the opportunity to invest in individual unquoted companies, preparing an Information Memorandum for each investment opportunity. Whilst the structure of each individual investment may differ, each will likely be in the form of an Alternative Investment Fund** comprising both loan and equity investment with the aim of providing attractive returns via both income and capital gains*.

We look to support ambitious management teams of established, profitable companies throughout the UK. We seek to invest up to £5 million into transactions including Management Buyouts (MBO’s), Management Buy-Ins (MBI’s), Retirement Sales, Corporate Acquisitions and Growth Capital.

Seneca will provide on-going Board level support to investee companies, with a focus on delivering the pre-agreed business plan. We expect to hold these investments for three to five years* with the aim of realising each investment (typically by the sale of each company) to generate a capital return for investors.

How much can I invest?

The minimum investment is usually £25,000 to £50,000, dependent upon the investment opportunity.

How do I invest?

Before making an investment we would ask you to read the Information Memorandum and Key Information Document as these will provide you with further information about the risks and costs involved. To receive details of the investments we currently have available or coming in the near future, please complete this form.


* Target returns and investment terms are not guaranteed and you may get back less than you invest. Investments made into unquoted companies are illiquid in nature and therefore you are unlikely to be able to cash your investment in early.
** Please note that this investment is neither authorised nor regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.